Internet Access at 35000 feet

I am just about to land in Brisbane, Australia after about 24 hours in the air. What made it tolerable besides terrific service on board Korean Air was the availability of high speed Internet access the entire way. Boeing offers a $26.95 deal for 24 hours access. I was able to do Skype calls, email and Internet. I even caught a nap a few hours ago.

If work is your thing, like it is mine, and you travel a lot, this is a life saver.
Make sure your airline offers it.


CK said...

Nothin' like cruising above the clouds and sending e-mails across the sky. Glad you had access, it made my workday productive.

Enjoy "down under" mate!

S. Neil Vineberg said...

Now I hear that after investing 200 million dollars in the service, Boeing is closing it down. Ha!