Why Poor Arabs and Palestinians?

Without getting into an historical overview of the Middle East power structure and why it exists, how about if the rich, oil producing Arab nations dedicated 10-15% of their wealth to raising the standard of living of the poor people living in the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere in that part of the world? Right now, hatred seems to be the currency driving so many less fortunate people to kill one another. Don't you think much of the hatred would disappear if people were financially and socially empowered?

Perhaps the fear is this: empower the poor people and they will rise up against you - the Saudi, Kuwaiti, and Emirate leaders. They will retire the wealthy Lords.

Oh, have you checked out the new Ski Dubai indoor ski resort in Dubai? Here's a great symbol of the excess and over-the-top fantasy that is Dubai. Who hoo!!!

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