Worst Customer Service: Cingular Wireless

Does Cingular Wireless customer service suck or what? I'm waiting on hold for over 40 minutes to resolve a Blackberry-related issue. I've been on hold so long, it does not pay to leave. I pay $154 a month for my phone/blackberry service. Doesn't that buy me anything?

Not only am I waiting. The first Customer Service representative (CSR) I spoke with is waiting with me to hand me off to the Blackberry expert. And the CSR next to her (in her Kansas City, KS center), has been waiting 32 minutes.

I will bet you the Cingular sales department is fully staffed, further clogging the support system. So much for the new AT&T.


S. Neil Vineberg said...

Im on the call still. 78 minutes into it. I finally reached the 2nd CSR and he had to call a third one because he was unfamiliar with Mac Blackberry.

S. Neil Vineberg said...

The all ended up with a wait time of over 80 minutes. Finally after the 4th CSR, they told me they could not solve the problem.

Three CSRs were untrained in solving my problem. All were kind. All were amazed at the lengthy hold time. None of them could solve the hold time problem.

Then yesterday, a 3rd party company called to survey my experience. They said on a scale of 1-10 with 10 best and 1 worst, how would you rate the exprerience of your call with Cingular? I answered:

Minus 1000.