Mahavishnu Project - Catch them if you can!

There was a band that broke out in the early 70's called The Mahavishnu Orchestra. The band, led by virtuoso guitarist Mahavishnu John McLaughlin and featuring Jan Hammer (Miami Vice TV show composer), Jerry Goodman (Flock violinist) and Rick Laird (bassist), blew the doors off the joint by innovating jazz/rock fusion at a level of spiritual receptivity, musicianship, rhythmic complexity and eastern virtuosity theretofore unheard and never duplicated...until recently.

The Mahavishnu Project recreates the music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. The band members are prolific, gifted and in a way, they are channeling the soulfully divine music of the great Mahavishnu. Tonight they tore it up at The Cutting Room. I truly enjoyed it. If you were around in the 70's and remember Mahavishnu, make it a point to catch this group live.


Trevor Baca said...

Bet the concert was outstanding. Wish I were there!

VC said...

Lets catch their show sometime. Funny thing is I'm going to the Saturday show in NYC too, because my friend and saxist Premik Tubbs (who I played with in the Equinox duo) also played with McLaughlin (third iteration of the Mahavishnu Orchestra) and he is joining the show at the Cutting Room. Will be hot!