Ringo Starr - 68th Birthday - Spreads Peace and Love

In the 60's The Beatles became so popular that they gave up touring (nobody could hear the band over the screaming fans) and simply recorded performances that were aired globally. I remember watching what was essentially a precursor to the MTV video format -- "All You Need is Love" -- on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are the two living Beatles. Today Ringo celebrated 68 years with a message of Peace and Love. Read more


Anonymous said...

Just in time for his 68th birthday, Ringo Starr has been made a Prince of the Duchy of Bohemia, "H.H. Ringo Starr, Prinz von Bohmen" by HSH Stephan Timothy von Rosenberg-Ripps, Duke of Bohemia (see www.duchyofbohemia.org)

wilhelm von treheim said...

Whilst I'm sure Mr. Starkey has enjoyed being granted a fun title for a non-existant Duchy by a non-existant Duke. I'm sure he hopes his efforts will one day be justly rewarded by HM QEII and that a genuine title will be granted which he can actually use.