Sri Chinmoy Birthday Celebration, A Prayer

This past week I joined a thousand students of Guru Sri Chinmoy gathered in Jamaica Queens on August 27th to celebrate our beloved Guru's birthday. Sri Chinmoy's Birthday Celebration was a prayerful event where disciples from around the world offered soulful tributes to Guru's remarkable life, performed his transcendent music and inspired poetry, and recalled him in videos. There was also an incredible exhibition of his Jharna Kala artwork at the United Nations and we celebrated the conclusion of the World Harmony Run.

I've written extensively here about my relationship with Sri Chinmoy which extended 34 years of his life and mine. Everything I am in this life I owe to Guru and I remain today committed to ensuring and sharing his legacy with future generations.

While I spend my business life guiding and promoting technology companies, I spend the greatest part of my life learning spirit and finding ways to convey it. I've always felt that our greatest opportunity in life is in using our individual and collective capacities for Good. That is something I learned from Sri Chinmoy and his incredible Life was and remains a living example of that philosophy.

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