MusicSubmit: Where is the Value?

On the way to producing my debut CD, Sacred Love, I tried out several band hosting and promotion platforms and services. I use several now: ReverbNation, Bandcamp, and reach fans with Facebook and MySpace.

I tried a one month promo offered by MusicSubmit that offered to circulate info on my CD to 400 contacts. I thought, for $99, lets try it out.

Over the next 6 weeks or so, every few weeks my email was flooded with a stream of 100+ emails notifying me that MusicSubmit had contacted bloggers, radio stations and writers about my CD. From that 400 I was contacted by 1 per cent of the recipients. That's a pretty crappy result even for email.

When I signed up as an artist, I also signed up with MusicSubmit to review music. I wanted to see how the platform worked end to end. So I had two accounts. As a MusicSubmit reviewer I rarely liked any of the MusicSubmit music review opportunities, and stopped looking.

Which concerned me - because I bet the vast majority of MusicSubmit queries for other reviewers reach guys like me - who are bombarded with information.

Since I'm in the public relations business, I know that if you pitch someone by email, you need to follow up by phone if you want to get something done. That's what is missing from MusicSubmit. Their outreach goes nowhere...and you throw money away.

Are you a Rock, Hip Hop, Country or Indie Genre???

This special promotion package promotes your music to 1000 radio stations, music magazines, music blogs and music podcasts so you can get the word out!

That costs $210 and behind the scenes at Music Submit, there is likely someone simply pressing a button that sends emails to subject matter bloggers in their database.

MusicSubmit did everything they said they would do. I'm pleased that they were honest.

What artists need to know is that MusicSubmit is a cash machine for the MusicSubmit people, a really terrific business.

MusicSubmit is a waste of time for artists. I give Music Submit 0 stars out of 5....because artists can do better taking $100-$210 or more and hire someone to make personal contacts for you. If you do, you might end up with something more than nothing.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Neil...

So, I'm the marketing director at MusicSUBMIT.com, and I stumbled upon a review of MusicSUBMIT you tweeted a few weeks or month back. First, I appreciate your candidness and honesty regarding your personal experience with our service.

While I believe you truly did have a lousy experience, I also think our service somehow provided you with some misconceptions, and if you offered me an opportunity to explain a few things, I'd be very much obliged.

I understand our service is not perfect, and we are always looking for way to improve each client artist's experience. I would also understand if you did not feel so inclined to respond or offer such an opportunity to clear up any 'misconceptions'.

In either case, good luck with your music, and I hope to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Michael Corcoran
34 E. 23rd St, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the reply.

Okay, so I took a closer look at your 400 submission campaign (99.00) you ordered for the "Shambhu" campaign in Oct-Nov 2010..

You were "Accepted By" 15 sites and "Rejected By" 25 sites, for a total review rate of 40/400 = 10%

We limit the number of artists submission each Reviewer receives to 1, 2 or 3 artists per day. Some sites will elect to receive more artist submissions per day (up to 10), but those sites typically login on a daily or weekly basis and review frequently and regularly. We don't "overload" (what I assume you mean as "blast") sites with too many artists for review, as this defeats the purpose for the Artist, the Reviewer, and as a consequence, us.

Also, we allow Reviewers a 60-day window to review artists in their queue. It's not necessarily to open each artist submission, or review every day. Artists will wait in the Reviewer's "queue" for 2 months, then fall off. We do this because we understand Reviewers are often overwhelmed with all the independent artists hitting them up from every angle, begging for a review. It's an impossible burden of your time, and many Reviewers simply burn out. We try to make life easier for both the Artist and Reviewer.

I also took a look at your MS Reviewer's Account you set up for your blog "Musings on Technology, PR, Politics and Spirit".

You logged in 5 times over a two-month period (Sept-Oct 2010), and reviewed 8 artists (accepting 1 and rejecting 7). Your Reviewer's account was set to receive max 2 artists per day, in New Age and Jazz. You finally unsubscribed to receive artist submissions in February 2011.

Anyway, I thought we deserved at least 1 out of 5 stars for our efforts ; ) But we respect your opinion, and thanks for the feedback.

Best Regards,

Michael Corcoran
34 E. 23rd St, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Mike @ Online Music Promotion said...

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