Virgin America's Reservations Fiasco

The reservations system is the core of an airline's interface with passengers.

Since last November when Virgin America switched to the new Sabre Airline Solutions reservation system, my experience with Virgin America has been awful. I've made reservations and receive no confirmations via email.

Imagine having to recall your reservation without the benefit of a confirmation, or a ticket or reservation number. That requires passengers to phone Virgin America only to be told that wait times are 58 minutes to 1 hour and 14 minutes.

What kind of moron is running this show?

For an airline that prides itself on class, style, and efficiency, this brand's equity is being squandered in technology that not only fails, but causes immense inconvenience to business travelers like myself.

Thanks for the 5,000 miles you guys sent Elevate members to compensate for the inconvenience. It's not enough -- especially when I need to call and wait an hour just to receive a simple flight confirmation.

How about doubling or tripling the numbers of reservations staff to compensate for the failures of the reservation system? And cancelling the penalties for booking online.

The cool music in your airline restrooms and purple lighting are no compensation for poor management.

Virgin America and its executive team get a giant FAIL for this rank stupidity, and for failing to adequately solve these problems. The situation for me is no better than it was three months ago when the complaints first started.

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